What to expect from therapy

The key thing to expect from therapy is understanding. I provide a safe, non-judgemental space here at ReImagine Therapy, where you can feel comfortable in exploring your difficulties. You can expect honesty and openness, and you will always feel heard. We will work together to help you to improve your emotional wellbeing.

You are also always in control of therapy, which means you can choose what to share with me and what we talk about. I will ask questions and make suggestions of what it might be helpful to talk through based on what your goals are, but I will never push you to share more than you are comfortable with.

Therapy can be a difficult process and I will be there to support you through this. It is important to remember however, that CBT is a collaborative therapy, so it is important for you to take an active role in this. This means that we need to work hard together to address any difficulties, and this will include you continuing to work between sessions in ways that we will agree in therapy, in order to help you to progress.

So where do we start?

Get in touch and we can arrange a free initial conversation over the phon. This is to make sure that CBT is the right choice of therapy for you, and to give you a space to ask me any questions you may have and ensure you feel comfortable- feeling comfortable with the person you choose as a therapist is really important.

We can then book an initial assessment appointment. At the beginning of this (or beforehand for online sessions), you will be asked to sign a therapy agreement which outlines my confidentiality policy in addition to some other things you need to know about therapy. You will receive a copy of this in addition to a consent and disclosure form before your first session so please read this and think of any questions you might have for us to discuss. During this assessment, I will ask questions to make sure that we both understand what is going on for you and so I can gain an idea of what approach within CBT may work for you. You will also have chance to talk to me about what you want to work towards in therapy and anything else you feel that I need to know in order to help you.

After the assessment, I can explain to you how CBT can help and how many sessions you might benefit from, so you have an idea of what might be involved and possible timescales. You can take some time to decide whether you would like to move forwards with CBT and choose whether to book your next appointment to begin treatment.

The sessions are structured to ensure that you have the time and space to explore what you need to, and so that I can ensure that we are helping you to progress through the intervention that will provide the skills and knowledge to make positive changes to your wellbeing. As CBT is a time-limited therapy, I aim to help you to progress towards your therapy goals as quickly as possible. We will regularly review where you are up to as therapy progresses to help with this.